Online Services

Accessing Hulu, BBC, Netflix and more

VPN.Express can be a very useful tool in accessing websites and apps that are geo-blocked to a certain country or region. However, on occasion some services may state that you are out of the service area even if you connect to a VPN server in the correct country. There are different reasons for these errors, some of which are resolvable using the steps below. We recommend trying the following steps to see if you are able to access the service in question: * Log out of all Google accounts o...

What applications can I use while connected to VPN.Express?

Once connected to VPN.Express, all of your internet requests and traffic go through the secured connection, so in essence any application or protocol would operate properly.

How to unblock all restricted content on your Chromecast

Your Chromecast device turns your TV into a smart TV with great ease. It is too bad that in most countries besides the US youcannot take full advantage of all the apps available to you on your Chromecast. Here is how ( you can make the experience more enjoyable in a few simple steps.

Accessing HBO NOW outside of the Us

Do you usually keep up with all your HBO shows through their streaming service HBO NOW? Here is how ( you can still watch through HBO NOW while abroad.

Will using VPN.Express incur extra charges from my provider?

Using VPN.Express does not change your data charges this way or the other, but rather just reroutes the internet trafficof your device through our global servers in a secured connection.

How to unblock Youtube on any device?

Some places in the world have put some restrictions on Youtube. Either you cannot use it at all or certain videos are not available in your country. Here is our blog post ( on how to get around this geo-block.

How can a student studying abroad benefit from VPN.Express?

Many students go abroad to study and have the sudden realization that it's not that easy to keep up with their shows anymore as most places have Netflix, Hulu, etc. blocked. We're here to help students feel like they're using the internet like they used to back at home.

Listening to Apple music anywhere with VPN.Express

If you have an Apple Music subscription, you probably know that it cannot be used outside the US. With VPN.Express , you canuse it anywhere in the world, as described in detail at ourblog post (

Keep up with your favorite basketball teams and NBA games anywhere

If you're a sports fan you know how hard it is to keep up with all your important games while abroad. VPN.EXPRESS is here tomake that process simple and enjoyable. Keep up with our blog ( to get updated on all future sporting events.

How can I keep up with NFL teams and stream games live?

Are you an NFL fan abroad and want to keep in touch with the games and teams? Our blog ( provides you with the best option to do so with VPN.Express.

How can I watch NHL Game Center Live anywhere?

If you're a sports fan you know how hard it is to keep up with all your important NHL games while abroad. VPN.Express is here to make that process simple and enjoyable - here's how ( you can enjoy it anywhere.