FAQ about VPN.Express Extension.

FAQ about VPN Express Extension.

We have VPN extension which is completely free and fast to connect to , much more very friendly for users.

Here are some information about the extenction you may need to know

How can i protect and secure my online activities ?

By using the VPN.Express  app on your device, it helps protect and secure all your online breowsing activities and that include all the information passing through our secured server.If you wish to secure only your browser and hide from being revealed by webmaster and site owners you can then install VPN.Express extinction, here you can find a direct link =https://vpn.express/downloads/extension

How much does it cost installing VPN.Express extension in my browser ?

The extension is completely free , besides that paying for VPN.Express  plans we have 7 days free of charge to test our service and connect to two chosen location according to your choice.The free plan gives you 500mb of bandwidth each month, if you need more you simply upgrade your account directly from your dashboard.

How can uninstall the VPNExpress extinction from my browser ? 

Simply right click on the VPNExpress extension icon in your browser, and choose "Remove" to uninstall the VPN.Expressextension from your browser.

Which browsers does the VPNExpress extension currently support?

VPN.Express extension actually supports three browsers as following ( Chrome, Opera, and Firefox).We are working adding other different browsers and we are going to update the browser extension page once its done.

Keep posted!