Which VPN server should I choose?

in case you have a problem using the Moviebox through connecting to VPN.Express, kindly contact our support agent to assist you regarding this.

MovieBox does not Work

If you are unable to use the MovieBox program while connected through VPN.Express, please try and follow the steps here (

Does the port 25 blocked through VPN.Express ?

Yes it happen that the port 25 which is used by ( SMTP) being blocked when traffic goes through the VPN.Express service.

FAQ about VPN.Express Extension.

FAQ about VPN Express Extension. We have VPN extension which is completely free and fast to connect to , much more very friendly for users. Here are some information about the extenction you may need to know How can i protect and secure my online activities ? By using the VPN.Express app on your device, it helps protect and secure all your online breowsing activities and that include all the information passing through our secured server.If you wish to secure only your browser and hide fro...

How to quit VPN.Express application?

In case you are unable to quit the program through the system option , then you can use the VPN.Express application directly by clicking on Account , then log out , see the pic bellow.

IPv6 on Windows 10 (VPN not working)

if you encounter any issue with Windows 10, please download and install the latest VPN.Express for windows application from here (

Sky Go doesn't let me watch videos

In order to access SKY GO , you need to choose UK VPN server. In case you have an issue and it still doesn't let you watch videos online do the following: A. Disconnect from the VPN B. Log-on to your Sky TV account (without being connected to the VPN) C. Connect to the UK VPN location. D. You should be now able to successfully view Sky Go videos online.

Why websites are still blocked?

If you are experiencing issues connecting to your preferred sites, please check these options: * Make sure you are on the VPN - Click on this link ( and make sure you see the country you just connected to. * Clear your browser cache - Make sure you have cleared the cache on your browser. Previous attempts will still be read on your browser and cause the same error page to come up. If you are unsure how to clear your cache on your browser, check these articl...

I can t connect to the service, where does the problem come from ?

There is a variety of problem that may block certain service from connecting to Here are the 3 top things to consider in cases where you can't connect: Check your Firewall software, make sure that it does not conflict with the VPN connection to do so , try to disable it and reconnect again. If this allows you to connect to the VPN, you'll need to setup an exception in order to use the VPN while it's running. This will vary depending on your firewall software, but you could se...

Why is my connection dropping?

It happens that the service my dropped and this happen when you connect to a server which is far from your own location,The server distance effects the connection speed , it's recommended always to chose the nearest server to your own location.

How do I change the VPN protocol?

At some situations you may want to choose a specific VPN protocol for your connection. Here's how you can change the VPN protocol in the VPN.Express application: * In the main window click on the change link next to the current protocol * Click on the VPN Protocols menu * Choose the protocol you wish to use * Click Apply to confirm

Do you accept torrenting ?

Yes , torrenting is currently supported to download and transfer your files to Netherlands only. We are working find solution and give access to more other servers continuously, we are going to update the FAQ once this done.

How to turn any computer into a Virtual Hotspot

Ever wonder how to get past censorship on devices other than your computer? Read on our blog post ( the simple steps you can take to turn your device into a restriction free hotspot.

How to access the TV station networks like Hulu, BBC, Netflix and similar sites ?

VPN.Express can be a very useful tool in accessing websites and apps that are geo-blocked to a certain country or region. However, on occasion, some services may state that you are out of the service area even if you connect to a VPN server in the correct country. There are different reasons for these errors, some of which are resolvable using the steps below. VPN.Express is a very useful tool when it comes accessing blocked and restricted websites, however, some TV networks are geo-blocked and...