How safe and dependable is VPNExpress ?

Some free VPN services use your personal information as their way to make a profit, therefore it is understandable why some people may be hesitant on using VPN services. Oursubscription based services are the most dependable VPN services out there. Free VPN providers are not secure and may sell or use your logs to a third party companies.To have an idea about the differnce between a paid VPN and Free one, consider check the Difference between Paid and Free VPN providers (

hat level of encryption does VPN.Express offer?

VPN.Express offers a wide range of protocols, each having it's own level of encryption (see table in the link below) The default setting gives you a 256-Bit Strong Encryption. Use the highest encryption level in the industry to secure your private data from hackers, snoopers and governments.

What happens to my account if my payment fails?

Your account will be suspended, and you will get an email explaining how you can retrieve it You will have to provide a new payment method, or to confirm your identity in case payment failure is due to security issues.

How to secure my online financial transactions?

The online shops are not always safe and trusted. Before buying any service or product on the online shops , there are some signs you should look at to identify legal or scam shops. Check if the online shop use the SSL protection certificate by looking at the URL of the website, it should look as followingHTTPS:// instead of HTTP:// the security certificate used by online stores to encrypt clients data before going to be stored in their database. Also, check for online reviews about the web...

How to pick a good password and keep your information secure?

It is important for users to take precaution on the internet and be aware of their virtual surroundings. You may consider using a password manager software in your device who can generate a good and strong password for each service or website you sign up with. This is a perfect solution to keep all of your passwords in one single place at the same time being safe and protected. It's better also to surf websites using a private browser rather that the default one.The private browsers are safer ...

Reasons why a VPN.Express is important for travelers

Traveling can get stressful for many people. You should keep yourself secure and don't have any worries about your information being stolen from your devices. It is known that when traveling you are more prone to hackers.

To what extent is the internet actually censored around the world?

Little do people know that depending on your location the internet can look different for anyone. Even the same website in another location can look totally different. Learn from our blog ( how much the internet is actually censored worldwide.

Is it easier for your computer or phone to get hacked when you are on vacation?

Many people don't know this but when you go on vacation you and your devices become more vulnerable to hackers. Whether on your computer or your phone, your information is more easily accessed. Its always recommended to shield your device with a VPN access while moving to other places.