Do you support torrents ?

Torrent traffic is currently supported for the Netherlands server only. Enabling torrents traffic through more servers of the VPN.Express network is being done continuously.

How do I purchase VPN.Express?

When you purchase a VPN.Express subscription, you can use it with no limits on the amount of traffic, servers or usage time. You can signup to your preferred plan here ( You can also purchase a plan very easily form the client area (

What is VPN.Express?

VPN.Express offers a VPN service, which stands for "Virtual Private Network", meaning a connection that creates an encrypted tunnel between your device and our VPN servers. When a VPN.Express connection is made, network providers areprevented from blocking access to content based on geographic location. In addition all of your Internet traffic is forwarded from your device to the VPN.Express servers using an encrypted channel. As a result, your Internet traffic is secureand your online data pro...

How much bandwidth/transfer can I use every month?

Since we think that internet freedom is essential to our users,without any constraints, there are no bandwidth limitswith VPN.Express.

Will using VPN.Express slow down my internet connection?

You should not experience a dramatic slowdown of your connection speed that would impact your experience. In case you have any issues or you need assistance in any way please contact us at (

Our privacy policy

If you are concerned with any privacy issues, you are welcome to review our privacy policy here (, and if any questions arise contact us at ( and we'll provide further details.

Do you offer an affiliate service?

Absolutely! More details about the program and a signup form may be foundAffiliate Program ( .

Do you have customer support phone numbers?

We currently do not have an option to contact our support team over the phone. You are always welcome to contact through the online chat in our site or send as an email (mailto:support@vpnexpress) , we promise to answer very quickly 24/7.

Will using VPN.Express incur extra charges from my provider?

Using VPN.Express does not change your data charges this way or the other, but rather just reroutes the internet trafficof your device through our global servers in a secured connection.

Will VPN.Express work on my mobile device and tablet?

Yes, our service will work with any device that has support for OpenVPN, PPTP or L2TP protocols. This includes iPhones (, iPads (, Android devices ( and most other handheld devices.