Billing & Refunds

How do I cancel my VPN account?

If you are not satisfied with the service or are experiencing technical difficulties, we always advise to first contact our support team at ( before canceling the account, so we could try and resolve the issue for you. If you still choose to cancel the account, here is how to do so: * login to your client area ( * Click on Cancel next to your existing plan description * Follow the steps After this action i...

How many devices can I connect my VPN.Express account with?

Well it depends on your plan: Unlimited devices. However, the basic plan allows you to connect with 1 device at the same time, the premium and most recommended one allows you to connect up to five (5) devices at a time. To easily upgrade, please click the link below:

How do I purchase VPN.Express?

When you purchase a VPN.Express subscription, you can use it with no limits on the amount of traffic, servers or usage time. You can signup to your preferred plan here (, and always start with a Free Trial ( to see how it can serve your needs. You can also purchase a plan very easily form the client area (

How can I get my refund?

If you have cancelled your order in the first 7 days and would like to receive a refund, please contact us at ( and we'll take care of it.

What payment methods do you support ?

You can choose to pay for your subscription with one of the following: * PayPal * Visa * Mastercard * American Express * Discover Card * Bitcoin Further details and registration to the service may be found here (

Do you offer money back guarantees?

We offer a Free Trial VPN ( so you can test how VPN.Express brings you freedom and security. In addition, there is a 7 day money back guarantee on all of our VPN packages after you signup to the service, so you can make sure the service is beneficial for you.

Can I change my billing date?

If there is any issue with your current monthly billing date, please contact our support team at ( and we'll find a solution to resolve it.

Your VPN.Express Order needs to be Verified

You just registered to our service and got an email saying that Your VPN.Express Order needs to be Verified. What does it mean? Well, we take your payment security very seriously and we do our best to fight frauds on the Internet. This is why we verify each and every one of our orders, and if anything looks a little unusual, we check it before we finalize the process. What should you do now? Follow the link in the email and proceed to the verification. If everything is OK, your account should ...

Will using VPN.Express incur extra charges from my provider?

Using VPN.Express does not change your data charges this way or the other, but rather just reroutes the internet trafficof your device through our global servers in a secured connection.